December Astrology


Sagittarius: Happy birthday! Are you ready to start anew? Think the “Laws of Attraction,” because what you visualize is within your grasp. Make sure you don’t waste your vision on something that is not worth your while.  On Dec. 13th, the new moon in your sign will highlight your talents and bring them forward, making your career flourish. On Dec. 19th, look for romance. Venus is with you until Jan. 8th. You spend a lot in December, but cash flow increases starting Jan. 2013.

Capricorn: Action is your key word this month. Until Dec 25th, goals and happiness are foremost on your mind. The new moon on Dec. 13th brings new friendships and relationships to your door. Some of you may see break-ups, but do not be sad. They are making way for the new and the new will offer so much more of what you need. Dec. 19th sees your career sparkle brighter than the star upon the tree. On Jan. 11th, your world expands, bringing a new beginning.

Aquarius: Dec. should see you smiling and the key is rest, pleasure and enjoy. I know, easier said than done. There will be time in Jan. to focus. The new moon on Dec 13th has you doing what you do best, humanitarianism. Giving to someone needy will give you an unexpected gift. Uranus, your ruler, goes direct that day and you will feel as if you have been set free. Look for the eclipse on Jan. 13th to offer more than you can dream.

Pisces: You have been a busy worker bee and now is the time to socialize. Your siblings and you have been getting closer and that bond will continue. You have been on the road to enlightenment. The new moon on Dec. 13th will bring clients to you as well as praise and an unexpected cash flow. Dec 21st, as well as other key dates in 2013, will have you understanding the mysteries of life. Be careful of water, either in your home or as in slipping, near Dec. 28th.

Aries: Your career is taking off as opportunities abound. If you are looking for a job, you just might find it under your tree. It will be that much-wanted Christmas present. If you have a job, ask for a raise, as that too is possible. The new moon on Dec. 13th will signal there is no stopping you and the next day, expect to hear news that will have you singing “Hallelujah.” Jan. 11th, the new moon brings things full circle, as your accomplishments are highlighted.

Taurus: Money is on its way to you after the new moon on Dec. 13th. It may come from a raise or job bonus. Hang on to that newfound treasure, as you may find yourself on the move. Make sure your bags are packed. Traveling will open up doors for which you are finally ready. On Dec 25th, you will be recognized for what you are worth. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to be thrilled. Jan. holds romance and again, involves travel.

Gemini: Lots of cosmic gifts will be under your tree this year. The new moon on Dec 13th brings illumination and good news. You are starting a new cycle, which will lead to a rewarding path. Relationships will seem “storybook.” Sign contracts now, but after the 14th, wait until the end of Jan. 2013. They say “a dream is a wish your heart makes,” and you just might see that song materialize into reality. Protect your money and try not to charge. Jupiter turns direct on Jan. 30th, bringing even more luck your way.

Cancer: Romance will have you crabs intertwined until Dec. 25th. Mistletoe works wonders. Let your partner lead the way and all will go your way. If not, you may be left alone on the shore. Venus wants you to have true love and is here until Dec. 15th, but she is a hard taskmaster and you need to give and take. Take this advise in business as well, especially around the new moon on Dec 13th. You can score a victory if you are on the right track, and that will involve a lucrative cash flow that you should see either on New Years Eve, or the weeks that follow.

Leo: Life seems quiet, except for those new friends you met last month, until the new moon on Dec. 13th. Then, love will have you kitties primping and preening. Like a fairytale, it could just be true love, but because Uranus is involved, expect things to be unconventional. I wouldn’t be surprised if a courtship romance sees you married or engaged between Dec. 25th and Feb. 1st. If the girl or guy is an Aquarian, you are doubly blessed. Unresolved family matters make you remember the harm you caused, but make amends, and New Year’s Eve offers a harmonious creative end and beginning.

Virgo: This season will seem bewitched in your favor. Romance will have you productive in all aspects of your life. You will feel best at home after the new moon on Dec. 13th. Spring cleaning comes early this year and now is a good time to de-clutter and refurbish. Success and a flurry of cash come Dec. 14th and the 19th. Both have money vibes, so maybe play the lottery. Popular and in-demand, you’re feeling gay and this will last past the New Year.

Libra: Dickens A Christmas Carol has the Scrooge in you reflecting. Life has been hard. Lack of funds has had you on edge. Life will seem quiet until Dec. 28th. The universe is giving you a breather to reflect on your past, your present and your future. Now is the time to make amends for sins that have hurt others. Like the story, if you have seen your effects on others, Christmas Day brings relief, romance and fun. New Year’s Eve will become the best you’ve ever had…. ever!

Scorpio: Power and money and even more money are your Gods this season. Make sure all projects you have started are done by Dec. 24th. After that home and hearth become important. It’s possible that the new moon, Dec. 13th will start the migration towards family and a new residence. Its also a good day to ask for a raise, cash in bonds or play lotto. The full moon, Dec. 28th, highlights travel, legal issues and completion. New Year’s Eve has you wanting to spread your good news.

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