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April/May Astrology

April Astrology

April/May Astrology: In April, two different astral configurations happen: the cardinal cross formed by Uranus (in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer), Mars (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn), which will be…

March Astrology


March Astrology: Pisces: The new moon on March 1st brought a trine to your house of fun and romance. …

Astrologer Susan Miller Reads Guests at Valentine’s Day Party

Courtney Kerr and Susan Miller Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Empire Hotel

Astrologer Susan Miller Reads Guests at Valentine's Day Party: Fashion Blogger Courtney Kerr (star of Bravo TV's "Courtney Loves Dallas) hosted a BFF Valentine's Party at The Empire Hotel in…

Black Moon Believe, Receive…You Are Limitless

Black Moon

Black Moon Believe, Receive...You Are Limitless: "Blue Moon" describes the second full moon in a month, but did you know there is a second new moon of the year?…

December Astrology Watch Out it’s a Wild Ride

December astrology

December Astrology Watch Out it's a Wild Ride: December's astrology is extraordinarily wild, even in the midst of the series of intense months we have been seeing lately, and features…

To Infinity and Beyond: SpaceTalk Live! at the Town Hall

Neil deGrasse Tyson

To Infinity and Beyond: SpaceTalk Live! at the Town Hall: To Infinity and Beyond: SpaceTalk Live! at the Town Hall: The promise of an appearance by Neil deGrasse Tyson is…

A Traumatic New Moon & The Cusp of a Revolution


Uranus will square Pluto November 1st and it may take until then to solve the issue; we can see a rather intense degree of polarization reflected in the current national…

Astrology for September


Astrology for September: Virgo: Neptune is your opposite sign, making it harder for you to get it together. …

Tonight is a Blue Moon Wish for Growth


Tonight is a Blue Moon Wish for Growth: An astrological Blue Moon is rare. It occurs when the Moon is full twice in a month, giving us two successive full…

Happy Aquarius Full Moon! Time to Save the Planet


Happy Aquarius Full Moon! Time to Save the Planet: On August 20 we have second Aquarius Full Moon.…

August Astrology


August Astrology: For All Signs: Mars entered Cancer July 13th and is here until August 27th.…

June/ July Horoscopes


June/ July Horoscopes: Mercury, is in retrograde from June 26th until July 20th. No signing contracts, no purchasing any electronics or machines.…

May Astrology


May Astrology: Taurus: Happy Birthday! Look for May 9th and the new moon solar eclipse to help you seize the day.…

April Astrology

April astrology

April Astrology: Aries: With the new moon on April 10th five planets will be home to help you regain your ground. …

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